Sole Developer
Unity | C# Language
What I Did
- Designed and balanced game rules for a 4-player card game
- Devised 16 skill cards with various types of playstyles
- Created and playtested UI and UX for the mobile experience
- Color-coded and shaped signifiers for colorblind players
- Implemented text-minimalized "how to play" screen
- Connected all supported platforms using PUN 2
Project X is a 4-player mobile card game. The target audience likes casual party games, and they will spend as few as 3 minutes playing the game daily. In Project X, each turn, the player puts a card on an empty slot of a 4x4 grid. Each player has a row and a column, and when a card is placed on the grid, it gives points to whomever owns that row or column. After 4 turns, the player who has the highest score wins the game.​​​​​​​
Game Design Document (GDD)

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