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Tutorial - Movement
Tutorial - Movement
Tutorial - Rain
Tutorial - Rain
Sole Developer
Unity | C# Language
What I Did
- Prototyped and created a random path generator
- Made tutorials based on the player's progress
- Designed weather-themed obstacles in levels
- Gameplay system with adaptive difficulty levels
Trace It! is a single-player maze runner with weather-themed mechanics. The player can upgrade and challenge themselves with an adaptive difficulty system.
This is a solo project. The goal of my design is to create an engaging experience for the user in which the gameplay challenges the player's physical skills and expands the player groups by an adaptive difficulty system.
Random Path Generator
This generator can be modified by generating speed, path length, path size, and obstacles/items location. These values can create a variety of difficulties. On top of that, it records the progress of the game and displays tutorial messages for the player. This allows players who are unfamiliar with the game to better understand how to play.
Weather-Themed Mechanics
The obstacles and abilities are designed with weather themes. The core mechanics not only remind the players about each weather condition but also fits the feeling of the weather.
For example, "rain" continually appears in the level and slows down the player, and "wind" comes from different directions to push the player out of the track. The "sunny" ability can stop the obstacles from appearing.
Difficulty and Balance
To understand how different factors affected how well the players did in this game, I collected data from 15 playtesters. With this data, I was able to decide how many coins the player earns at different levels to help them upgrade and to see how long each level will last until the difficulty increased.

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