Character Customization
Character Customization
How to Play
How to Play
Sole Developer
Unity | C# Language
What I Did
- Designed 5 weapons that had unique playstyles
- Character customization that could modify stats and colors
- Implemented full support and descriptions for Xbox controllers
- Balanced weapons and stats with playtest data
Another 1v1 Game is a 1 on 1 top-down shooter arena. The players can customize character stats and weapons to form various playstyles.
This is a solo project. The goal of my design was to create customizable characters for the players to express their different playstyles. On top of that, balancing the weapons and stats was my main priority.
Weapon Design
Before making the first weapon, I listed out the playstyles the players might have. For example, the automatic rifle was for players who like to do direct damage with high accuracy, and the shuriken was for the players who want to do high damage in close range. The game also allowed the players to pick different weapons for each hand to increase the freedom of customization.
Character Customization
Except for the weapons, the players could also customize the stats of the characters. At first, I wanted to see if this would amplify the weapons' playstyles. For example, a high-speed character with shuriken might feel like a ninja, and a high HP character with a vulcan machinegun might feel like a heavy damage dealer. After playtesting, I found out that even the same weapons with different stats could create interesting combinations.
Meanwhile, the players could also pick their character's color.
If I had more time...
Unfortunately, the project started during a difficult time due to the quarantine situation. It was hard to find good playtest data. If I continued working on the project again, I would try to get more playtest data and experiment with more weapon mechanics.

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