Sole Developer
Unity | C# Language
What I Did
- Designed game rules for a mini sport game
- Prototyped 3 items with different playstyles
- Implemented intuitive menus and HUD
- Created and Playtested single-hand control on mobiles
- Easy to learn and text-minimalized how to play screen
- Connect all supported platforms using PUN 2
X Fighter is a mobile PvP game. The player's objective is to capture as many hexagons as possible to win the game. There are items in the level to pick up, and they give the player advantages. A game takes about a minute. The control system allows the players to play the game with only one hand.
As the sole developer, I designed the game, prototyped the system, playtested the mobile experience, and implemented the networking features.
Game System
The game rules are easy to learn. The one simple mechanic is collecting hexagons. The energy system limits how many hexagons the players could gain and creates tension. On the other hand, the items created excitement and also asked the players to use them wisely. These mechanics combine and create ups and downs within 1 minute of gameplay.
Meanwhile, the HUD provides information to the players. This helps the players to form strategies. For example, the minimap helps the players to form routes, and the score tells the players how they are doing at the moment.
Mobile Experience
In this project, I aimed to create a game that fits mobile players' habits. For example, the advantage of mobile games is allowing the players to play wherever and whenever they want. The informative interface allows the players to play the game without audio. On top of that, each game only lasts for 1 minute. The players can pick up and put down the game during their 10-minute breaks from school or work.
If I had more time...
There is a lot of room to improve within the UI/UX. For example, from the playtests, I noticed some players didn't realize that the green circle was the timer, and the colors and layers of the game world might be confusing and hard to read sometimes. I also want to prototype more interesting items and balanced maps. These would add more depth and allow more strategies.

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