How to Play
How to Play
12-Person Team
Unreal | Blueprints
What I Did
- Designed and refined ship movements and controls
- Prototyped 4 weapons in Unreal with Blueprints
- Made tutorial, “How to Play” screen, and HUD
- Playtesting and documenting
Quack Attack is a single-player battleship game. The player controls a sailing ship to capture enemy forts and destroys the duck boats.
I focused on ship movements, weapon design, and combat design.​​​​​​​
Movement Design
During the first 3 months of pre-production, we tried to find out what styles of battleships we wanted. I spent great time researching for the two types of movement: arcade-like or realistic boat.
I did A/B testing for the movement types and found that the players like arcade-like movement because they were used to the control system. On the other hand, a realistic boat movement created a unique driving boat experience for the players. In the end, we decided to use the realistic boat movement. We also added a wind and sail system that affected the boat's speed.
Weapon Design
After we had decided how the movement works, I prototyped weapons which the player can use in different situations to create a variety of combat.
Then, I playtested with the prototypes to see how the players used their controllers to find their target and what weapons they were interested in. On top of that, I balanced the usage of weapons to maintain the engagement flow and improve the players controls of shooting.
Tutorial & "How to Play"
To make sure the game is easy to learn, I decided to merge the learning process and the core game content. The players can start the game without knowing anything and begin learning while they process the game.
I also made the "how to play" screens for the players who forget any mechanics. The design target was to allow the players to understand the mechanics without reading the text.

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